SGA approves proposal for new gardening club

Level view of colorful garden Photo provided by Marcus under CC BY-SA 1.0

Newman students looking to test out their green thumbs now have the opportunity with Newman’s new gardening club.

Junior Ruben Lerma’s proposal to start a Newman gardening club officially passed at the Student Government Association meeting on Sept. 15.

“Recently I went out into nature, realized how much I loved it, and decided that the best way to rekindle my relationship with nature is through gardening,” Lerma said.

Lerma is the only student to propose a new club this semester, said Lauren Susong, director of student activities.

Susong said on average she receives 3 to 5 club proposals per academic year.

“If any students out there have an idea for a club or an organization they would like to create, I’d love to help them out,” Susong said.

Lerma said the steps to starting a new club are relatively simple.

In order to start a new club, students first have to meet with Susong. The students need to have a proposal plan in place along with some sort of budget plan, membership roster and a club constitution. Once all of these tasks have been completed the official name of the club and intended purpose is formally proposed.

Susong said getting involved in on campus clubs is critical to a good start to life after college.

“Getting involved can be very practical,” Susong said. “It can help you build a resume, it can give you the answer to a question in an interview, and there are endless opportunities for people that are looking for service hours. Clubs are both social and academic…students can utilize clubs to be active and get out of their comfort zone.”

Lerma said he is excited to share his love of nature with others.

“My main goal for the club is just to have a bunch of friends or strangers who will become friends get closer and just kind of relax and plant and work together to make the Newman Campus and the world more beautiful,” Lerma said.

Lerma said he is still researching various locations to host his gardening club. The club’s first meeting has yet to be announced.

If interested in becoming a member, contact Lerma at

This story first appeared in the September 17, 2015 issue of The Vantage.