Student-Made Sidewalk

Overused path leads to creation of new sidewalk

Student Sidewalk THIS NEW SIDEWALK in front of Dugan Library was built because students would constantly cut across the grass, making the area a safety hazard. Amy Emerson, Staff Photographer

Newman students wanted a sidewalk near the library so badly, they made their own.

In fact, it was a small group of commuters who began the beaten path back in the fall of 2013. Soon it became a frequently used short-cut, and over time, developed into a solid path.

Last week Newman laid cement over the worn trail near Dugan Library where students have been cutting across the grass for awhile now.

Plans for the new sidewalk began at the beginning of 2016, by Bruce Sanderson, Director of Facilities, and previous class president Brandon Gollhofer. Sanderson said the plans for the sidewalk became a precedent for multiple reasons.

“The Dugan Library area became top priority due to the high traffic, which was deteriorating the grass, and becoming a safety issue,” Sanderson said.

Sophomore Ximena Naame said she is happy about the new cement addition to the campus.

“I think the new sidewalk is very convenient because you don’t have to go around anymore and you save a little bit of time,” Naame said.

Sanderson said that the new sidewalk was laid not only for convenience but to prevent safety issues as well.

“The hope is that students, staff and visitors will use the new sidewalk, which should eliminate the need to walk across the grass and reduce potential safety issues such as falling,” Sanderson said.

This story first appeared in the October 27th, 2016 issue of The Vantage