Newman makes The Vantage proud

The Vantage

The Vantage has been reporting as the student voice of Newman University since 1968. That’s nearly four decades of news, events and stories that tell the tale of our university.

The Vantage has had the opportunity to chronicle the history of Newman, from name changes, a near-closure, a division switch, campus growth and more.

Each staff had its own part of history to report on.

This year’s staff has covered the creation of a Black Student Union, the Asian Student Association, an LGBTQ support organization called Kaleidoscope, the appointment of two female Student Government Association presidents – one a Muslim student and one a second generation American whose family came from Vietnam and more.

We are proud to say the story our staff has been tasked to tell is one of increased diversity, progress and inclusivity.

Though these changes may not have come easy, they did come.

The student body actively fought for the rights of every member of our Newman community and won.

Aspects of our world today can be disheartening; there’s no doubt about that. It’s easy to focus on these issues and paint a picture of doom and gloom for the future.

However, that’s not what the Newman community ch     ose to do.

Throughout the past year events have been held to raise awareness for issues like the ongoing tragedy in Syria, the Black Lives Matter movement, international food shortages and food waste…the list goes on and on.

Various classes and organization have encouraged open dialogue surrounding topics like racism, mental health and suicide, religion and sexuality.

These efforts haven’t just stemmed from one group or area of the university. It seems students, staff, faculty and administration have all tasked themselves with trying to create a more welcoming and loving environment at Newman.

This teamwork and camaraderie at each level resulted in notable growth and development within the community over the past year.

The Vantage staff is always eager to cover the news of Newman without fear or favor.

And looking back over the past year of events, the staff would like to thank you for making that task so enjoyable.

The Vantage archives are going to show a year of growth, positivity and love that should make any member of the Newman community proud.

It certainly has for us.

-The Vantage Staff

This story first appeared in the May 4th, 2017 issue of The Vantage