Making a new home at Newman University

You’re not alone even if you feel like it.

NEWMAN UNIVERSITY often becomes a home away from home for many students. Courtesy Photo, University Relations.

Homesickness never came to my mind when I picked out my college. 

When I chose Newman it was about the scholarship and not the distance from my family. 

Coming from a small town in central Texas, family was my rock. My friends even became my family. I come from a large and combined family of eight children. 

Since moving to Wichita, things have been hard for me. I miss home desperately even though I have family here. I miss the late nights with my stepmom watching movies or the weekends at my aunt’s or grandmother’s. 

My whole high school experience involved my family, from extra curricular activities to graduation to weekends. I still make daily phone calls to my family, but it’s not the same. I can’t wait until breaks to head home for a visit. 

I watched my nephew, niece and cousins grow up from babies to the toddlers that they are. I miss everyone. Those phone calls make me miss my family more. 

My life became about my family when I lost my mom at 16, I took over the things my mom used to do for months. I was the person who was the shaper of the home, I took care of my family by cooking meals and doing housework. 

When my dad started to date my stepmom and when we moved in with her and her family, I packed our house up. When it was time for my stepmom to take over the things that my mom used to do, my life never was the same. 

I never went back to the teenager, I once was. I was a young adult at the age of 16. I never partied or went out with friends. My family and I had game nights and movie nights once a month. So going from conservative household to college life away from my immediate family is extremely hard for me.

Don’t feel alone if you’re homesick because anyone may be experiencing it. According to a survey by the UCLA Higher Education Institue, 69 percent of first year college students report feeling homesick. Making friends and joining clubs may be able to help you not be so homesick. 

This story first appeared in the September 21, 2017 issue of The Vantage.