One way to get your money’s worth

NEWMAN UNIVERSITY'S discussion-based classes give students the ability to contemplate life in a deep way. Courtesy photo,

This year I enrolled in one of my first discussion based college courses.

When I first looked at the list of books we need to purchase I was both excited and terrified: Eight books in a semester seemed like a lot of reading on top of all of my other homework. 

But while my classmates grumbled I was secretly joyous, not only was this my first discussion based course, but it was also the first class I had taken where I got to read fiction books.

This class got me thinking about college in general and getting the most for my money here.

Not only is this a place for us to gain knowledge about sciences, history, mathematics, and English, this is an institution curated to help us gain a better understanding of our belief systems, and who we are as people.

 Through the help of these discussions based courses, where we spend time studying authors that seem to be asking the same questions as us. Maybe the same questions people have always been asking.

Regardless, the classes and the discussions I have been a part of are a much-needed road map in understanding not only these books, short stories, and films, but myself and what I believe outside of all of this academia. 

So far it seems like every individual has taken or picked up on something differing from each text or film we have discussed, and having the pleasure of being let in on their unique though processes has been enlightening on so many levels.

That is such an incredibly priceless gift.

That is worth so much more than any degree.

But the only way to get anything out of these classes is to really put in the work. The hours seem grueling but the pay off, at least for me, has already been immeasurable.

If we are really going to get our money’s worth at Newman we can’t take short cuts. It’s easy to make the grade, but it takes effort and is a real challenge to grow and develop as a person. 

Newman is providing you the perfect environment to do so.  Don’t miss out.

This story first appeared in the September 28, 2017 issue of The Vantage.