Updates come slowly to Sacred Heart basement

SACRED HEART HALL BASEMENT received new carpet and furniture over the summer. It is still budgeted to receive a new paint job and television. Amy Emerson, Photo Editor

A bill was passed by the Student Government Association last semester to update the basement study areas of Sacred Heart hall with new furniture, carpet, paint and a television — but so far, only some of the budgeted upgrades have been carried out.

Now that the new Bishop Gerber Science Center is complete, though, senators hope to continue with the plan.

“I feel like it’s been kind of forgotten since last year, and with the new building,” said Vivian Hoang, SGA president. “People have been excited about that. They’re kind of like, ‘Oh, what? Sacred Heart?”

Of the updates budgeted, only carpet and furniture have been brought into the basement area so far.

The paint and supplies for the rest of the improvements have already been purchased, Hoang said.

“We just haven’t gotten through with maintenance to see how they want to go about it,” she said. “And we’re trying to see if that can become volunteer hours for students.”

The carpet was replaced over the summer by a company the university hired for the renovation, Dean of Students and SGA Adviser Levi Esses said.

The old furniture was replaced over the summer as well, but not with new pieces. The furniture placed in the basement was taken from the lounge room of Heimerman Science Center before it was demolished, Esses said. 

That Heimerman furniture, Esses said, was previously paid for by SGA. Esses and Hibah Ullah, the previous SGA president, decided over the summer to use that furniture instead of purchasing new items, he said.

The furniture includes large upholstered lounge chairs, desk chairs, tables and ottomans. 

“Why put that to waste and spend thousands of dollars on new furniture?” Hoang said.

Esses also said a big screen television will be installed in the lounge area at some point, too.

Hoang said she wants to address all of the updates with the senate to get the ball rolling again.

“I’m hoping to get it up by next meeting to kind of see where we can go from there and to see if we can volunteer,” she said.

The next SGA meeting is at noon Tuesday in the Bishop Gerber Science Center lecture hall. 

This story first appeared in the September 28, 2017 issue of The Vantage.