Newman graduate creates food app

CARLEY SULLIVAN, Newman student, uses the feest app to check out deals around Wichita. Delaney Heigert, Editor-In-Chief

Newman graduate Lucas Hanson isn’t working the mundane, 9-5, college graduate job. Instead, Hanson is running his own business centered around an app he created. Feest is a food, drink, and events app that lets users find specials all around Wichita. 

“I do this full time. I’m the main business part. I do everything except coding.” Hanson said. 

Users can use Feest to find deals such as half-price burgers and fries at Emerson Biggins and half-price drinks at Fetch Bistro. With the latest update, users can now find out when the Newman soccer and volleyball games are. 

Hanson graduated in 2016 with a degree in business administration. On June 5 he launched the first version of Feest, and about a month later, he launched the first update. 

The free app is at 1,231 active users on Apple, and 244 on Android. 

“I am actually pretty proud of it. Only about 33 percent of apps nationwide get 1,000 downloads in their first year. We actually got over 1,000 in our first two months.” Hanson said. 

Hanson built Feest with the help of his brother, Sam Hanson. 

“It is a huge learning process, and it takes a lot of time and effort. When you’re not getting paid to do it takes a whole different kind of mentality.” he said.

“I think that these kids at Newman sometimes just think, ‘Oh I just have to go into an entry level job,’ but it’s not the case. You have plenty of resources most likely at the palm of your hand, in your phone that you can use to create your own job.” Hanson said. 

Hanson said this was the first time his brother had built an app like Feest and that “he had to learn a whole different kind of code.”

“It was a huge challenge for my brother and I, and we just kept going” Hanson said.

On the day Feest launched Hanson said there were about 80 downloads. 

Hanson went to District Taqueria during happy hour on that day. 

“I grabbed a drink and I asked random tables what brought them in and three different tables of like three-four people said that they had downloaded this new app called Feest.” Hanson said.  

 “I kinda like finagled my way into some market research just to see if worked, and that very first day you could tell that it was going to work and I knew that I need ed to keep growing this thing.” Hanson said.

When he got home that night, Hanson said he was thinking about how to get more users. He thought of ideas that would work on a zero budget. He started doing Facebook live videos. 

“People think it’s funny that we go to a restaurant and sometimes we have three or four drinks and we are just talking about random stuff,” Hanson said. 

Local restaurant owners started contacting Hanson about the videos and requesting their own. 

 “People can actually pay us to come out and do Facebook live. We do video creation, all kinds of stuff” Hanson said. 

Hanson said he plans to expand Feest into Kansas City and possibly more cities, “Wichita is kinda like our guinea pig.” Hanson said. 

Junior Madison McCollum said she read about Feest online and recently downloaded it, 

“I’ll probably use it when I’m hungry and don’t really know where to go. ” McCollum said. 

“We just really had a good time building it and we are having a good time growing it and that’s kinda the point of the app, is so other people can get encouraged to go do stuff have more fun, and go out and have a drink with friends.” Hanson said. 

This story first appeared in the October 5, 2017 issue of The Vantage.