Why ‘It’ was the scariest movie of the year

It was a different kind of scary movie.

PENNY WISE THE CLOWN the villian of “It.” Courtesy Photo, mirror.co.uk

To me, clowns have always been creepy. 

Just think about it. When was the last time you heard of a clown just being harmless and joyful? Especially after the sinister clown scare last year, clowns have become a hot topic in the world and now in Hollywood. 

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend asked me to go see the movie “It”, which is based off a novel by Stephen King. 

Within an hour, I found myself seated in a Warren Theater with a bucket of popcorn in my sweaty hand and a nervous expression on my face. Within minutes, the previews began to play. 

“It” is about a mismatched group of kids in the town of Derry, Maine, who ban together to try to stop the clown Pennywise, who has been making kids disappear. 

So many horror movies out there today don’t really have a strong plot. It’s the same formula over and over: there are a few kids running around the woods at night and they get murdered. “It” differed from this pattern. 

Each of the characters had a developed story and the town they lived in, Derry, had its own prevalent backstory. There were so many fine details within the movie that really helped build a bigger picture of the world they were living in. 

In the way of jump scares, “It” was so-so. Many of the jump scares in the first half of the movie were very predictable. 

It was the typical situation where the music peaks and two seconds later something pops out. During the second- half of the movie, the jump scares became more sneaky and added to the overall scare factor of the movie. 

For me, what made the movie really scary were the elements that played against my emotions and in conjunction with my fears. 

The way Pennywise would successfully keep the children in line when he was killing them was through fear. The psychological torment throughout this move is one that actually gave me nightmares for a few days following the movie. 

Finn Wolfhard (Rickie Tozier), also known as Mike from “Stranger Things”, was my favorite actor in the movie. His character gave lighthearted- humor when necessary and also played the brave part of the group when he needed to. Overall, the entire cast was brilliant in their particular roles. 

This movie was full of takeaways for the audience to reflect upon. The first was their own fear and how much control and strength they have in their own lives. Second, the was a natural reflection on growing up. Behind, the gore and the blood this was a true coming of age story. You have a group of kids that go through something and through time they grow to be different people because of it. 

Overall, I think “It” is a fantastic movie and a must see for everyone this Halloween season.

This story first appeared in the October 5, 2017 issue of The Vantage.