Hobbie’s Hobbies: Podcasting like a professional

SENIOR JACOB HOBBIE produces a podcast for the world to hear. Courtesy photo, indietravelpodcast.com

Hello! My name is Jacob Hobbie, and you may know me as the friendly neighborhood IT guy.

However, thanks to the Internet, I find a lot of things interest me, from books to gene modification. I’m here to share some of these hobbies with you.

This week, I’m talking about podcasting. I recently started a podcast called “Sleepless Nights.” It’s about college and all of the stress that we have to endure throughout it, which all of you are acutely aware of. 

I’ve been listening to podcasts since I was a little kid. My favorite was one called “WTPT, The Palette Tribune,” which was a Pokémon podcast. I met a lot of people through that community that I still talk to today from all over that world. Today, I listen to a variety of podcasts whenever I’m driving from all sorts of sources. This inspired me to start my own. I already had a little bit of experience doing YouTube videos in high school, so it wasn’t as hard to start. 

First thing I needed was a good mic. I use the basic professional mic a lot of YouTubers use – a Blue Yeti. It’s cheap enough for the average teenager to buy and it’s configurable enough to work with other professional equipment. After that, I use software to record called Audacity. It’s free, but it’s a little hard to use. I use it to record the waveforms that generate when using a mic. 

Now, the best part is the actual recording. Real podcasters use foam around a room to get a solid audio quality. I literally throw a blanket over myself and my guest to get great sound quality. Even then, I have to do editing in order to get it just right. Usually, I record at a low volume and adjust it up 7 decibels. After that, I add some sound to make it more professional and add a personal touch.

Overall, it’s been a lot of work. But the opportunity that I have to talk with interesting people and set aside time has made me really happy. I hope it has contributed to the image of what

college is like for people entering, or people who have been on different campuses and want to see the other side, big or small.

If you’re interested in checking out my podcast, it’s on iTunes and the Google Play Music Store as “Sleepless Nights.” If you want to be interviewed, hit me up at hobbie320155@newmanu.edu.

This story first appeared in the November 16, 2017 issue of The Vantage. This article was written by Jacob Hobbie.