Lack of on campus parking is hendering my education

PARKING HAS BECOME an issue for many students at Newman University. Courtesy photo,

Earlier this week, my morning was a little bit more stressful than usual. 

I had just gotten a new phone and had a mix up in setting my alarm, causing me to wake up 20 minutes before my first class.

I jumped out of bed and rushed through my morning activities, skipping breakfast, and rushed out the door.

I was two minutes late when I finally arrived on campus.

However, as I searched through the parking lot outside of DeMattias, I began to get nervous. There were no open parking spaces. I then moved on to Sacred Heart only to be disappointed again. 

I moved onto the parking lot outside of Beata and again found nothing.

This continued until I made it around the whole of the school.

Out of pure desperation I parked in a faculty parking spot outside of the theater, but ended up being more than 15 minutes late to class and missed out on an important discussion.

With all of this expansion and a freshman class bigger than any before, the university must devise a plan to come up with more parking options.

Since the beginning of the year, I have yet to make it through a day without seeing somebody parked in a fire lane or along a no parking curb.

The lack of parking is causing some serious safety issues.

I’ve heard some argue that students should just plan ahead and arrive to campus early to account for the extra time it may take to find a parking spot and or walk to class from a spot farther away.

My answer to this is a simple one. 

For one, I, along with many other students at this university, am exceptionally busy. Between my three jobs and two internships, my days are packed. I often cannot afford to lose 15 minutes in my day in order to find a parking spot at a university I am acquiring student loans (the amount of which I refuse to think about until graduation) to attend.

I have all of these jobs and internships so I can pay for my time here, and it feels like an injustice that I am missing out on things just that because of the lack of on-campus parking.

I have also overheard faculty express serious concern over this issue especially regarding the safety hazard this problem has caused with people being forced to park in the fire lanes.

There is space behind the parking lot outside of the library for more spots, as well as space outside of Eck.

Something must be done to provide more parking for students, faculty and staff.

This story first appeared in the November 16, 2017 issue of The Vantage.