Student to hold Women’s Empowerment Week

JUNIOR LINNEA RISTOW is holding a Women’s Empowerment Week starting Nov. 27, which will include speakers and activities empowering women. Amy Emerson, Photo Editor.

Women’s Empowerment Week is coming to Newman’s campus. Junior International Studies Major Linnea Ristow is working with the Partnership for Global Justice to host a week of women empowerment events. 

The events will start on Nov. 27 and will include a self-defense course, a panel of notable Wichita women, a showing of “Wonder Woman,” a service opportunity and a lunch and learn. 

This project is in conjunction with Ristow’s internship with the Partnership for Global Justice, a nonprofit partnered with the United Nations located in New York. She said she began the project while she was there over the summer. The Partnership for Global Justice has 17 sustainable development goals that Ristow chose from to center her project on. She picked gender equality and empowering women. 

Ristow said the week is meant to be for both women and men. 

“Empowering women shouldn’t and can’t be something done just by women,” she said. “By all means we should be empowering one another and lifting one another up.”

The only event that is exclusive to women is the self-defense course. 

The organization “Fearless and Female” will be teaching the course. 

“I wanted women to become better-equipped to protect themselves, and the prevalence of assaults today indicate that it is an essential skill to learn,” Ristow said.

The course will include a defense demonstration and time to practice escaping from an attack. Ristow also said the instructors will share advice on how to live safe and avoid being a target of assault. 

The event on Monday Nov. 27 is called “Wonder Women of Wichita.” Ristow said it is a panel of women leaders who will speak and answer questions in Mabee Dining Hall. Ristow says she has lined up, President Noreen Carrocci, family physician Diana Crook, and attorney Margaret Disilvestro.

Ristow said she picked women who are in careers in which women are underrepresented. 

Nov. 30, there will be two events.

At noon in the Mabee conference room there will be a lunch and learn lead by the Women’s Initiative Network, a presentation on human trafficking by Sister Therese Wetta, and Ristow will also speak. 

At 5:30 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge there will be showing of the 2017 film “Wonder Woman.” Ristow said she is partnering with her fellow Partnership for Global Justice intern and Newman Junior Annie Dang for this event. Annie’s project involves making rugs for people who are homeless out of recycled plastic bags. 

Participants can get service hours while watching the movie if they help make rugs. 

After the movie, there will be a discussion about the movie and “Wonder Woman” in general, facilitated by librarian Jeanette Parker and professors Kelly McFall and Bryan Dietrich. 

“I am really excited to see who in the Newman Community will participate,” Ristow said. 

This story first appeared in the November 16, 2017 issue of The Vantage.