It’s important to enjoy all of your jobs

Do what you love!

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Despite the fact that I have yet to enter my career, I do have a good bit of experience  on what it’s like to hold down a job. Or two, or three, or five.

Through my years working low level minimum wage jobs I have picked up on various skills and attributes, including responsibility, time management, and communication.

But the most important one by far was the understanding of the importance of doing something you are passionate about.

For many of us, at this point in our life, besides school, we spend the most amount of our time at work. Not with our friends and family or recuperating from our long hours of doing all that it is we have to do.

I found myself, at the majority of the jobs I’ve had in the past, filled with dread at the mere thought of having to go in. When I was there things were even worse, and I would be absolutely miserable for my eight or so hour shift.

Time would drag on and on, and I would be filled with anxiety that I was wasting my life away, and the little time I have left to spend with my loved ones, stuck at a place I hated.

But the fact of the matter is that most people have to work. 

With that knowledge, I decided to start looking for a job, in which I would feel like I was helping people, which in turn would help me to feel fulfilled, and hopefully keep me from having an existential time crisis in the middle of my workplace.

I knew it would also be a plus if I could be surrounded by positive coworkers and management whose company I could enjoy. 

I am happy to say that after months of looking I found just that. 

For a couple years I got to work at The YMCA, an organization I grew up in, and am very passionate about their values as well as their community outreach programs.

Now I am working at a Sephora where I finally get to put my surplus of knowledge regarding skincare and cosmetics to good use.

Going to work no longer feels like a chore or even a drain. Sometimes it is even something I look forward to.

Working is an unavoidable fact of life, we might as well ease our pain as much as we can by taking jobs we can get some semblance of enjoyment out of.

This story first appeared in the December 7, 2017 issue of The Vantage.

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