Students feelin’ festive and fun in dorms

JANICE COATES AND ELENA CUMMINGS celebrate their first holiday season in Carrocci Hall with Christmas decoratiions. Courtney Klaus, Staff Writer.

Christmas may be four weeks away, but if you were to check out the west wing of the third floor of Carrocci Hall, you would think the big day was right around the corner. 

On one side of the wing, a sign greets you, “Welcome to Our Gingerbread House,” and on the other, a bright fireplace modeled from construction paper is displayed.

Last week, a group of girls living in Carrocci Hall showed their Christmas spirit by getting together to decorate their doors, dorm rooms and hallway.

These girls are going beyond boughs of holly—their hall is adorned with wreaths, stockings, Christmas lights, wrapping paper, candy canes, and more.  

 “We like to collaborate on things like this. We like to bond over it. We’re like the third floor team of Carrocci,” freshmen Kylie Lucent said.

The teamwork emerged naturally, said freshman Elena Cummings, as many of the girls shared a similar vision for a fun Christmas-themed hall.

“It was really funny because Tracy, the girl that did the door right across from us, was like ‘Oh my god we are doing the same decoration,’ and we got so excited. So last night we did her door too and made it a bit different from ours,” she said.

The girls can get really creative, Cummings said. Her hall has already shared experiences decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving, so she said they were particularly excited to start on Christmas decorations.

Cummings, whose closest family member lives four hours away, said although she was initially inspired to decorate her door for the Holly Days Décor Competition, her motivation comes from wanting to make the dorms “feel more like home.”

“We always decorate our house with Christmas lights… So when I got here I was like ‘Okay, I really want to get in the Christmas spirit,’” she said. “When you’re doing it with your roommate and your friends it’s really fun because we can get creative together. I also just like it because it does make me feel a lot more at home.”

Cummings has Christmas a lights all around her room, tinsel on the side of her bed, and a calendar with a countdown to Christmas. 

Senior Gabrielle Rizzi, the resident assistant for the third floor of Carrocci, said she was happy that her residents were showing initiative and making the dorm more fun. She said the girls came up with the idea to decorate their hall entirely on their own. 

“As girls decorate more girls want to decorate and they are making plans of decorating the holidays even more. As their RA I’m really proud of them. It makes the hallway really fun to walk through, and gets everyone excited to finish up the semester strong,” she said.

This story first appeared in the December 7, 2017 issue of The Vantage.

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