Newman’s Jet of all trades: Dalton Weidl

WRESTLER DALTON WEIDL has been attending baseball practices when he is not practicing wrestling. Vlada Litvinova, Staff Writer

Dalton Weidl is a senior wrestler entering the final semester of his wrestling career.  On top of being a wrestler, Weidl has become a walk on for the baseball team this season.  

Weidl said that their January 21st tournament has been his favorite tournament this far.  

“My match decided if we won the tournament or not.   It was fun to have that pressure. To be able to get a team win and individual win,” said Weidl.  

Head wrestling coach, Ryan Smith,   said that they look for kids who they believe will fit in their program.  

“Dalton is an extremely athletic kid and there is no doubt in my mind that he could have played any sport that he wanted in college, but he chose to wrestle for us,” said Coach Smith.

Coach Smith, along with assistant wrestling coach Blake Fisher, has said they are “very grateful for the opportunity to take him to the next level.  It has been a fun ride to watch a true freshman come in and to see what he has become.  It is a perfect example of a kid buying into a system and trusting the process.”

Weidl was introduced to wrestling at 4 years old.  

“My uncle got me into it.  He was a volunteer coach and he would take me with him,” Weidl said. 

Weidl has been involved in both wrestling and baseball for big parts of his life.   

“I liked to play baseball in high school and when I was growing up,” said Weidl. “I thought because it’s my senior year, ‘Why not’.”

This will be Weidl’s first season on the team. Weidl has been going to baseball practices whenever he is not practicing wrestling.  He is working to be a pitcher.  

“He has been a great person to be around.  He has come out and shown he wants to put in time with the baseball team, sometimes on his own.  Great to see that energy from a kid who is also focus and putting in time in another sport,” said Zane Ehling, the head baseball coach.    

The MIAA Championships will be hosted at Newman on February 11th at 10 am. 

This story first appeared in the February 1, 2018 issue of The Vantage.