Tech Director to leave theater department

JAMISON RHOADES BIDS farewell to the Newman community after three years of designing sets and teaching classes. Vlada Litvinova, Staff Writer

Newman University’s Technical Director Jamison Rhoades turned in his resignation after receiving a job offer at North Greenville University as assistant Professor of Theatre Design, he said.

Rhoades has worked as Newman’s technical director and designer for over three years designing sets and lights for Newman productions. Rhoades said his other duties included being “professor of theatre design, in charge of the design track of the theatre major, and, of course, mentoring students.”

Rhoades also helped coordinate events that took place in the Performance Hall and Jabara Theater. He helped produce shows such as “The Glass Menagerie” and “Footloose”, and the upcoming show “Dog in the Manger”.

Through Artsearch, an online job board that connects people to jobs in theatre and arts, Rhoades discovered a faculty position was available at North Greenville University.

Rhoades said working at Newman has made him well-prepared for his new job.

“The years I spent here helped me understand the four-year environment and how you shape students over that period, as opposed to just having them for two years,” Rhoades said.

Rhoades said the new position will be more design centered versus technical centered, which is what attracted him to the position.

Rhoades said he will be “teaching several design classes, stagecraft, be responsible for the design major, and for mentoring students on the four shows they do a year”. 

Rhoades said he is “most excited by the challenge of a new place, new people,” but will still miss the students he came to know at Newman.

“The students here at Newman are by far the most intelligent, engaged population of students I’ve come across,” he said. 

Freshman Elena Cummings, who has had the chance to work with Rhoades on some of his productions this year, said that he will be missed.

“Jamison gave the department some great spunk and kept the shop lively and an enjoyable place to work,” she said.

Cummings also said she sends him well wishes with the hope that he has a great time at his new job. 

“I hope that my new school has that same dedicated students and faculty, I hope that there’s the same sense of comradery, especially with the arts faculty, that I felt here at Newman,” he said. 

 Rhoades officially starts his new position at North Greenville University on Aug. 15.

This story first appeared in the February 1, 2018 issue of The Vantage.