Dugan Library needs to extend its weekend hours

Courtesy photo, commercialmechanical.net

There are a lot of people who prefer to study at home, in a quiet atmosphere, alone in his or her own room. I am not that person. 

I like to study in the library, because I am just more focused when I am studying there. And I am not the only one who chooses library instead of home. However, we’d all probably enjoy studying at the library a lot more if it were open longer on weekends. 

There are many advantages to studying at the library. You get the opportunity to ask someone if you do not understand the class material and need someone’s help. Another benefit is a printer. I am an international student and I do not have a printer in my room at Merlini, but my classes require me to print something all the time. So, printing any file at any time is a big advantage for me personally.  

Dugan Library is a very nice and quiet place where you can study alone or with your friends, or to go grab coffee in Scooters. During the week it’s open until midnight approximately every day, which is very convenient. Friday is an exception because then it closes at 5 p.m. I think it should close at least a little bit later, because students need to do homework. 

Not every student waits until the last minute to finish all the assignments. I am the type of person who prefers to complete all my assignments at the beginning of the weekend and take a break afterwards. On Saturdays students have even less time, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

One of my teammates from the tennis team, Elizaveta Gerasimova, says that it is very inconvenient for her. She says Saturday is the only day for her to have a good sleep, since other days she has to wake up early because of her classes or morning practices. She also said that Newman students who live on campus like to spend their Saturday mornings in the cafeteria at brunch sitting and talking to each other longer than during the week. Only after this small ritual do they go to the library. 

There are not many people who go to the library before 1 p.m., but by 3 p.m. it’s already closed. I can agree that not everyone is willing to do their homework immediately after last classes of the week on Friday, but I will never agree that students do not need to study on Saturdays. On the contrary, lots of people on the campus need and want to go to the library to study even in the late evenings of the weekend. 

Another teammate, Emily Young, said she always studies in the library. 

She said this semester library hours are especially inconvenient for her, because of the tennis season, which started last weekend. 

“Since we are in the season now, it is getting more and more difficult to find free time to do something for school,” she said. “If the library was open later, it would be really awesome. Me and my friends could go there even on the weekend and do our assignments together, helping each other.”

Freshman Kris Gecaj said that the library should expand its hours on Friday and Saturday. He said that as a soccer player he has to practice a lot which is a reason he tries to do his assignments during the weekend. 

“I prefer to study in the library, but it is not open a lot on the weekend, which is very inconvenient for me,” he said. “I wish the directors of the school could listen to requests and make changes.”

 I do not have anything against of the library hours on Sundays. It works from 2 p.m. to midnight what fits most of the students. But for other students – athletes and non athletes – it would be awesome and beneficial if the university would extend the working hours of Dugan library on Friday and Saturday.

This story first appeared in the February 8, 2018  issue of The Vantage.