Students have complaints about new time-log site

NAMELY IS THE NEW time-log site for Newman, and students have complained about the changes that came with it. Courtesy photo, Namely

Towards the end of last semester, Namely, a new payroll system, was introduced to all student workers, and along with the rollout came swift backlash from students who said the new system was inconvenient. 

But what triggered the change in the first place?

The reason for the switch from Paycom, the previously used system, to Namely was to ultimately make the payroll and tracking process easier, said Nicole Brown, the student accounts supervisor.  

“Paycom was a pain for us administratively,” Brown said.“It wasn’t very user-friendly and we wanted to move to something that was better on both the employee and employer side.” 

Brown said Namely is less complicated than Paycom was, especially for student workers who work in two separate departments at the university. With Namely, students can track both sets of hours online instead of having to turn in a paper timesheet. Brown said the administrative side of things became easier too, with all the hours being tracked on one platform instead of two. 

The biggest gripe among students about Namely is the way it allows users to track their hours. To track their hours, students have to log themselves into Namely’s webpage the moment they get to work. Then, right after they get done with work, they need to remember to clock-out. With Paycom, students were able to log their hours after they were already done working.

“Taking it from someone who is constantly running all over campus, it is really inconvenient for me to have to stop at my computer and make sure I clock in and out,” junior Amy Emerson said. 

If students forget to log in, then they have to go through their supervisor and let them know when they clocked-in instead of being able to do so at a later time. Emerson said she liked how the old Paycom system allowed her to fix clock-in mistakes after the fact.

“We wouldn’t have to worry about inconveniencing our boss who is also really busy” Emerson said. 

Namely also has an app that many students have said they wish they had not downloaded. At this time, there is no option on the app to log hours.

“Namely is separate from Namely Time, and a representative from Namely Time told me they are hoping within the next month or so they will have their own app,” Brown said. 

“The staff seems to enjoy it. From a supervisor standpoint, Paycom was harder to use because it had two logins, one for being a supervisor and another for being an employee. With Namely, it’s just one flat login…I just think its been an adjustment for everyone,” Brown said. 

This story first appeared in the February 8, 2018 issue of The Vantage.