Cozy coffee shops that double as study spots

MEAD’S CORNER is in downtown Wichita and has space for studying, a lunch menu and gelato bar. Courtesy photo,

In need of a study place that is chill, cozy, and not on campus?  Here are five of the best local coffee shops for busy college students to settle down and get on that study grind.  


Located at 9414 W. Central Ave.

As soon as I walked into Verita, I was greeted with the aroma of fresh coffee blends being brewed.  The walls are paneled with wood slates that make the environment warm and cozy.  From the ceiling are strung Edison lights (a personal favorite in the lightbulb industry).  In the middle of the shop is a large bar with seating all around it for those looking to catch up with their friends or chat with the owner.  There are three tables that seat six people, super convenient for a mid-day study session away from campus.  Light music plays in the background. Their menu ranges from hot to cold drinks, pastries and other breakfast delicacies.  They also have Wi-Fi. Just ask for the password.  (If you’re too shy to ask it’s coffeetime1)


Located at 7130 W. Maple St.

Ecclesia has been a personal favorite of mine for a while.  They offer many drink options, including special seasonal ones for every time of the year. Draping the walls are circular fairy lights. The floors are a classy light wood. The owner, Rochelle, is constantly working to redecorate and reinvent the place, so it will probably be different every visit. In the middle of the store are a couple of couches with a coffee table, perfect for a lunch time hang out.  They have board games for playing along the front wall and multiple tables for studying.  Wi-Fi is offered as well, just ask. They also always have chill coffeehouse mixes playing in the background. Whether looking for a few hours away from the family or a quiet study place away from the bustle of the dorms, Ecclesia is that inviting environment.  Every once in a while they feature local musicians in the evenings.  

R Coffee Shop

Located at 1144 N. Bitting Ave.

R Coffee screams hole-in-the-wall getaway.  Settle in between the orange walls for a study session or evening hang out.  The music is soft and not overpowering.  The aroma of the shop is distinct.  The Wi-Fi password is written up on a chalkboard wall along with the affordable menu items.  This shop offers many kinds of drinks and pies. They feature art from a variety of artists along the walls.  It is not too loud, so studying shouldn’t be too difficult.  Just plan on dragging a few friends along so this place can be experienced together.  The night life around this place is something everyone should experience at least once.  Right next door is Songbird Juice Co. and across the street is a taco stand that’s open in the summer.  When the weather gets warmer, the Edison lights in the trees flip on and this place becomes an ultra-trendy hangout where you can spend time with friends and enjoy some of the hidden gems of Wichita.

Mead’s Corner

Located at 430 E. Douglas Ave.

Mead’s Corner is a bustling place of study.  The building stretches into two separate areas.  The area closest to the bar has higher tables for chowing down on a quick bite. They offer everything from paninis to bagels to salads. In the further area, there are tables better for studying and a stage for performances by different groups here in Wichita (Our Sloppy Joes perform here once a month).  The shop itself is fairly loud as there are many people chatting up a storm, so headphones wouldn’t be a bad idea if studying is the goal.  In the connecting hallway is a printer available for anyone who needs it.  Wi-Fi is available and free, no password necessary. 

Reverie Coffee Roasters

Located at 2611 E. Douglas Ave.

Reverie will be relocating to 2202 E. Douglas soon, but for now, here’s what they have available. The environment of Reverie (“a state of being pleasantly lost in thought”) has a big city hole-in-the-wall feel.  Inside there are multiple bars and a plethora of tables.  There are many people busy studying or working.  The music in the background is a little more upbeat and distracting than other locations but it’s still quiet enough to study without headphones. The room is decked with exposed brick and old fashioned chandeliers.  The menu features all kinds of goodies from coffees to teas to snacks.  The room itself is a little chilly.  They have Wi-Fi, accessed by asking of course.  The logistics of the shop and location are perfect for any group of students that wants somewhere close to school for studying or chilling. They also feature local photographers, if anyone is looking to get their work noticed. 

This story first appeared in the February 8, 2018 issue of The Vantage.