Tips to have the most extra spring break of your life

Have an extra spring break.

AN AIRBRB can help make your Spring Break most cost effective. Courtesy photo,

Spring Break is quickly approaching and I’m here to make sure you have the best and most extra time of your life.  Nothing screams spring break more than lying on a beach, soaking up rays, and enjoying a good time with your girlfriends.  I am one of those all-out types of people and I know there are some more of you just waiting the day you can express your out-there-ness.   To make sure everyone sees you as “those people” while gallivanting around your spring break destination, follow these tips. 

Have everyone wear matching shirts!

I’m not talking the whole vacation but pick a day where you and your buddies wear cute homemade shirts that let everyone know you’re together.  We don’t have any groups here like sororities that you can model your shirts after but for the cuter options take to Pinterest.  Some fun shirt quotes could be, “straight outta ICT” or something as simple as “Spring Break 2018.” Whatever you choose, have fun with it and get your groups input.  

Get a flower crown.  Trust me. 

There’s going to be that day on Spring Break where you feel absolutely adorable.  We all know what we want to do when we feel adorable: take selfies.  Have the group as a whole wear flower crowns for cute group pictures and as a way to express that you’re all together. Plus, you can’t beat extra like a flower crown does. For a cute, budget friendly crown take to Five Below, a discount store that offers anything you could ever want located across from New Market Square by Academy Sports.  They have a couple options, all super cute and just what you need for $3.  

Buy a cheap water bottle…

… and turn it into a personalized hydrator and keepsake.  If you’re going to a beach destination or anywhere really, hydration will be super important.  You’ll be out having fun the whole day and forget to keep hydrated, but having something personalized and meant for the purpose of hydration will help you remember.  Buy a Dollar Tree water bottle and paint it, bedazzle it, and get your name on it.  And remember, stay hydrated. 

Pick out temporary tattoos.

This is another one of those things that will help people know you’re together.  It’s just like that T-Mobile commercial with the moms who got their ’99 spring break tattooed on their back, but completely different.  Hop on Etsy to find some super cute water proof metallic tattoo sets. Personalized tattoos would be super cute but they cost more (around $45) than you’d probably want to spend on something temporary.  If you’ve got the money though then might as well, especially if you’ve got a bigger group going, like 15 to 20 people.  For those of us who don’t have that kind of money, henna tattoos are a simple more affordable option.  Perfect Brow Bar in both of the Wichita malls will do hennas starting at $6.

Stay at an Airbnb

“A what??” you say.  The old way of vacationing and lodging is dead.  Welcome to fun and affordable.  Stay in your destination like a local.  An Airbnb is a home, apartment, or condo that is being rented out by the owner.  Find a home in the location that you love and set to book it.  These are more affordable than a hotel when you get down to it.  A hotel room only rooms four people.  An Airbnb rooms as many people as you need, just filter through the sleeping arrangements.  Instead of paying double for a small hotel room, book an Airbnb for a roomy affordable option.  

This story first appeared in the March 1, 2o18 issue of The Vantage.

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