Former Jet soccer player hired for the Help Desk

ADAM SAWYER TRADES in his soccer cleats and text books for a full time job at the Help Desk and as the Classroom Technology Coordinator. Anthony Navarrete, Staff Writer

You won’t catch Newman graduate Adam Sawyer on the soccer field anymore. But you just might see him in your classrooms.

Sawyer, who graduated in December with his Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology, has taken the role of Help Desk and Classroom Technology Coordinator where he maintains classrooms, any technical issues and supervise the help desk.

Sawyer came to Newman from Luton, England, to play soccer and to study IT. His initial plans after graduation did not include continuing his stay at Newman.

With three semesters spent behind the help desk and degree in IT, an opportunity for Sawyer arose that would enable him stay at Newman. The IT department had been down a person since Sonja Vogt’s departure after resigning.

“My boss said you’d be pretty helpful here, we can try and get you a job here,” he said.

Sawyer said he has received a warm welcome from his fellow staff members. “All the staff has been friendly. It’s great,” he said. 

His tasks at Newman include normal maintenance and working on a database to keep inventory of the classrooms.

In addition to working at Newman, Sawyer is in the process of receiving his pilot’s license.

He is expecting to take his first check ride, an exam where the candidate flies an aircraft with an authorized examiner, sometime this week.

“After that there’s about five more licenses that I’ll need to get,” he said.

Sawyer said he always thought about becoming a pilot, but it wasn’t until he came to the United States that he began to look into it more.

Sawyer hopes to fly private jets for a while and eventually move on to airlines.

Once he receives his pilot’s license Sawyer hasn’t decided what his next move will be. “I don’t know whether I’ll stay or go.” 

Sawyer said juggling his job at Newman with receiving his pilot’s license does not leave him with much free time, but he plans to support his former teammates. “I’ll start watching the soccer games when they start playing.”

This story first appeared in the March 8, 2018 issue of The Vantage.

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