Former basketball player not in Kansas anymore

NEWMAN GRAD KEVIN BRYANT went back home to Germany on March 7 to pursue a career in professional basketball. Courtesy photo, Kevin Bryant

Newman Alum Kevin Bryant went home to Germany and is on track to starting his professional basketball career. 

Head coach RJ Allen said that he is sure Bryant will eventually sign with a team. 

“It’s just a matter of time.” Allen said. 

Bryant graduated in December with a bachelor in management information systems and started his master’s degree early to continue eligibility for the basketball team. 

“I put that on ice for now since I want to focus on just playing basketball” Bryant said. “basketball is what I love doing and why work a job if I can make the same amount of money playing basketball or even more.” 

Bryant said that after his college season ended he signed with an agent. 

When Bryant arrived in Germany in March, all the leagues were nearing their signing deadline.

He practiced with a team whose head coach is also the head coach of the second national men’s team of Germany. Due to a number of factors including the upcoming end to the season and a contract that would lock him in for the upcoming season as well, they mutually agreed to wait on signing anything.   

Bryant said he is still looking for teams with the help of his agent and has a couple teams lined up for next season who are interested in recruiting and signing him. 

“I haven’t personally decided yet because I’m still waiting for them to finish the season because they start recruiting after the season. “ Bryant said. 

Bryant said that Germany’s professional basketball league is arranged like many other European countries arrange theirs. Bryant said they have multiple league levels, first league is the highest and then second and third follow. 

Bryant said the first two leagues pay the best salaries. 

Bryant said that he decided with his agent that the second league is the lowest that he wants to go. He is looking at both first and second league but he said is focusing on the second league for his first season. 

Bryant said shooting for the second league would be a smarter move for his career. The reason for this is a rule in Germany that’s states that at all times two German players have to be on the court playing. 

“And since I have both German citizenship and American citizenship, I count as a German player. “

Bryant said playing in the second league would ensure he would get more playing time and a chance to prove his ability to compete on a professional level. It would also set him up for bigger contracts in the future. 

“That’s the ultimate goal to get the most money out of my career if I have to start in the second league it’s, do that, that’s what I’m going to do” Bryant said. 

Bryant said that his coaching team at newman prepared him mentally for what to expect from the professional basketball 

“I was in America for five years and four years with the coaches Newman, four years is a long time it basically shaped me into the man I am now” Bryant said. 

 During his time at Newman Bryant said he spent time on the court preparing for his career as a professional basketball player. He also found success in the classroom. He was awarded all district 1st team. This is an award that recognizes both athletic and academic achievement. Bryant said this award is unlike anything in Germany so he was initially unsure what the award meant. 

This story first appeared in the April 12, 2018 issue of The Vantage.

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