Newman’s intramurals under student leadership

VINCE COUTO AND QUINCY PLANK hope that more lax event will bring a higher attendence rate for intramural events. Courtesy photo, Quincy Plank

If you are interested in intramurals, you will find only five outdated events listed on the Newman website with little information on any of them. Luckily for you, Newman intramurals is making some changes, and at the forefront are juniors Quincy Plank and Vince Couto. 

Plank and Couto said they saw how intramurals lacked and wanted to get more students involved. 

“It came down to our love for sports in general. Both of us are very school and sport orientated people, and when we heard of an opening it was a no brainer for us to hop on board,” Couto said.

“This is the first semester we have thought about (re-implementing?) intramurals and it has been mostly a smooth transition,” Couto said.

Plank and Couto have organized several intramural events so far this semester. 

“Some of the events have been a little more laid back and casual” Couto said.

 Couto said he hopes that if more lax events are offered, more students would want to attend.

“Students want to be able to do something that is not a CAB event that is athletically inclined,” Plank said. “People want to do it, especially those who are not athletes.” 

Gatorade pong, KanJam, Spikeball, basketball and general open gyms have all been a part the new intramural activities that any student can participate in.

“We thought we could bring a fun aspect to student life through sports and other fun activities,” Couto said.

The two said they wanted to hold more outdoor events but have had to reschedule events, like intramural soccer, due to the weather.  

“I was looking forward to playing and hope they reschedule the event,” said sophomore Charles DeVorce. 

“Soccer was rescheduled for just under two weeks from now but we do have flag football coming up this Sunday,” Plank said. 

Another challenge Couto and Plank say they’ve had to deal with is lack of time with the semester drawing to a close.

“We were looking at originally doing mud volleyball this year but unfortunately I think it will be too little too late,” Couto said. “Were looking at bigger and bolder next year.”

So far there have been larger turnouts in comparison to previous intramural events, with 80 students attending Gatorade pong and the basketball open gym drawing around 30. 

“So far it has been good, it seems as though a lot of people enjoy the events they have come to,” Plank said. 

Plank and Couto said they have been pleased with the results.

“We partnered with ISA for the Olympics and that event was really fun because we had a different crowd than the usual students that come out,” Plank said.

Plank said one goal they have is to start an intramurals league like some larger schools have. With a league, students would be able to sign up and become a part of set teams that would play together throughout the year.

Plank and Couto said they want intramurals to be able to continue with bigger turnouts of students. 

“I just want it to stay alive. My hope is that someone will come in and keep it going” Plank said. “I just want people to be able to come out and play sports with their friends and have fun.”

This story first appeared in the April 12, 2018 issue of The Vantage.

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