Pros and Cons: Do we really have it so bad?

By Monica Hill

It’s inevitable that during the school year we students will find something to complain about.

Monica Hill
It could be worse.

Like the location of the crosswalk, the sprinkler system that seems to water the sidewalks, bad parking, cafeteria food, etc. But do we really have it that bad?

I’ve never seen a sprinkler system that waters only the grass. Friends’ system waters their sidewalks just as bad as ours does.

The parking situation is much better here than it is at Wichita State. It takes less than eight minutes to walk from the farthest end of the parking lot by the soccer fields to DeMattias or Eck Hall. At WSU you need to allow at least 15 minutes.

Also, cafeteria food. Regardless of where you go, it’s not going to be as good as your momma’s cooking.

The fire alarms in the residence halls do seem to be way too sensitive but at least the fire department always sends the cute firefighters. When it comes to residence halls we have it made. Merlini can be a little scary at times but I’ve seen worse.

Brandon Sweatman. Photographer
Residents of Beata had to leave their dorms due to a fire alarm last Friday.

We don’t have exposed pipes in our rooms that leak and ruin laptops. That happened to my friend at K-State. We only have to share a bathroom with a couple suitemates or roommates. At larger universities there is one set of bathrooms for a whole floor.

The Internet can be shoddy and slow at times but at least it’s available. We have free internet and cable – that’s a luxury.

Someday we’ll be getting a bill from Cox Communications for Internet and cable that’s going to make us wish we never wanted or needed those services in the first place.

So before we go complaining about all the things that are wrong with our campus maybe we should think about how good we have it right now.

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