Renovations done throughout campus

By Rachel Myers, staff writer

Students may have noticed several new upgrades around campus this semester. Some may have noticed that the cafeteria feels bigger, the student athletes sometimes have green paint on them, the parking lots are more spacious, and the gym floor feels different.

The cafeteria seems more open because the centerpiece table was removed and the drink station was moved closer to the dining area. This was done to make the lines flow more easily and feel less cluttered.

Even the flooring has been changed to a more unified color scheme to make the room feel bigger, according to Director of Food Services Lou Murdick. Additionally, the walls are now decorated with posters of students involved on campus.

“It accents the cafeteria and brings more visual recognition for the students,” Murdick said.

Ebony Ellison. Photographer
The removal of the centerpiece in the cafeteria allows for more open space.

The baseball and softball fields have undergone some changes as well. A sprinkler system was installed and new sod was planted. In addition, various sports teams were asked to paint the concessions stand and dugout. The broken boards around the fence were replaced and painted green with the help of student athletes, coaches, faculty and members of the booster club, which explains why some people are spotted around campus with green paint on them. Plans to build a 12-foot “batters eye” for the softball fields are in the works.

“The coolest part of everything we did these past weeks is the effort and commitment the student athletes showed while pitching in to help even in the hundred-degree weather,” Athletic Director Vic Trilli said. “It gives me a great sense of pride seeing the students getting involved. This is what Newman is all about. It fits so well with our mission and service in this community.”

The gym received some improvements over the summer as well. As students walk into the gym, they can see the sparkle and shine of the new and improved flooring, freshly renovated this summer. The top layer was taken off and redesigned. Now Newman’s “NU” logo adorns the center of the court. The floor was also stained and the outside lanes were made bigger.

Newman Residents, especially those residing in Fugate Hall, may have noticed changes to the residence hall parking lots. On the west side of Fugate Hall, the old gravel has been replaced with fresh concrete. It, along with the New Hall parking lot, was also resurfaced. Campus Security is in the process of adding more security cameras for student safety.

According to Trilli, none of these renovations could have been possible without the donations of Newman supporters.

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