A tidbit of advice for the freshmen

By Jayden Gregory

I walk onto campus and I see the waves of freshmen coming in every which way. They are all excited, mixed with “I wish you’d stay hidden” nerves.

Jayden Gregory
I remember when…

The fact that we use a pen to swipe their IDs is cool, the girls are giddy and whisper to one another when they see the basketball players, the guys try to look cool and confident although they fail around the upperclassmen girls and all of the events are packed because to the freshman this is how you have fun in college. I laugh because I remember when I was a freshman.

Overwhelmed by the change of environment, too afraid to speak up in class, shy beyond belief and terrified to talk to any of the guys. It’s funny because I was so intimidated by everything when I had no reason to be.

At first college may seem like this huge change and scary step in life, but trust me when I say some of your best years will be in college.

It’s kind of like straddling the borderline between childhood and adulthood or dependence and independence. You are finally out of the house so you get to be on your own, but you still have to call on mom and dad for pocket change every now and then.

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
Freshman students make their breakfast using the waffle maker in the cafeteria.

You meet a ton of new people and make friends from different countries. This newfound freedom is your best friend. A second family is created with not only the students on campus, but with the faculty and staff as well and homework and studying becomes your life while being able to throw a few parties in there.

It’s the taste of adulthood and independence that makes you want more and gives you an idea of what the real world is like.

College allows you to find who you are and who you want to be. For me college was so much better than high school. It allowed me to meet some of my friends for life and introduced me to what I’m passionate about.

So, my advice – enjoy college as much as you can and don’t be afraid of the experience. I guess with me being a senior, the little things don’t excite me anymore but watching the freshmen get excited over the waffle maker in the café never gets old.

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