Excitement for basketball is growing

By Jayden Gregory. “Who is ready for some ball?”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m looking forward to the basketball season.

Yes, the NBA season, but the season here at Newman University as well.

Last year I must say I was highly impressed with our women’s team.

We won our conference tournament and made an impact that no one expected.

Even though some of our key players, Tasha Cannon and Satoria “Sic” Bell, aren’t here anymore, the returnees are sure to put in work.

Courtesy Photo
Kianna “Ki” Flannagan is expected to be a star on the basketball team this year.

Kianna “Ki” Flannagan has my vote as the leader of the team, who is not only a character off the court, but a dominant force on the court as well.

The return of Bobbi Coleman is highly anticipated due to her having to sit out last year because of an injury.

Sumayyah Muhammad is sure to add some grit and aggressiveness to the game, while Anna Sonka will quietly yet gracefully sink in a three when needed.

I don’t know much about the new players, but hopefully they will do just as well if not better than last year.

Not only am I looking forward to the women’s season, but I’m also looking forward to the men’s season.

Okay, yes I like watching them play because I’m quite partial to attractive men who can ball, but I also like them because they’re good. Coach Mark Potter never fails to add new players to mold this game he rules called, “basketball.”

There are a few players who I’ll miss seeing on the court – Eric Saunders, Kyle Grant and Chuck Coley – but I am itching to see a few of my favorite players back on the court.

What can I say? I love basketball, therefore I’m a fan!
Connor Walker by far has to be one of my favorite players to watch, simply because he just has “it.”

All I have to say is if you want a three, pass the ball to Connor or the quiet yet deadly Ryan McCarthy. Shamar Acuay will bring power with his explosive dunks that gets the crowd hyped up while Darrell Traylor makes the game look effortless.

Ryan Mesh will continue to scare everyone with his height while Josh Pleasant always seems to be at the right place in the right moment, pleasantly enough.

My fingers are crossed for Richard Waldron and Mike Falvo to shine on the court this year while Kalub Long continues to do what he does best.

Lastly, you have the heart of the team: Bobby Wesley.

He’s a clear leader and plays with much passion and determination that is sure to get everyone involved.

Again, I don’t know much about the new guys on the team, but I trust Potter knows what he’s doing.

Game opener – I’m there, with camera in hand and heart ready to drop for the beginning of an interesting season.

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