MickBie and Me: The Introduction

By Jess Bouchard. “MickBie’s story”

You’ve seen me around; I’m that girl. Yep. You know, the one with the dog?

I’m Jes. And the dog? Her name is MickBie.

Brandon Sweatman. Photographer
MickBie, Jes Bouchard’s seizure dog, is a famous character around campus.

MickBie and I have been together for nearly five and half years.

We’ve lived in three states and traveled across the country several times.

Through the years, we’ve seen all kinds of sights and experienced all kinds of things.

We’ve had some highs, like when she won the “Prettiest Mutt” contest.

And we’ve had some lows; her near death experience… and mine.

See, I have a crazy, complicated illness that makes even the best of doctors sweat.

Most days, and to most strangers, I look totally fine.

However, the reality is every step I take is filled with pain. I can barely feel my hands and feet. My immune system is shot.

I can’t have anything touch my back because it is hypersensitive to touch.

When I talk, it’s like the words are always on the tip of my tongue.

I lost the hearing in my left ear. I’ve had several procedures, and by the time you read this, I will have had another.

And perhaps most noteworthy, I have seizures, which is why I have MickBie.

Mickers (as I often call her) is a Seizure Alert dog.
She’ll whine, lean, or do any other number of things to alert me to an oncoming seizure.

I cannot tell you the number of times she has saved my life.

However, this column will serve as a platform to tell you a few of them.

You’ll also get to read about some of the things we encounter in everyday life. This column is the story of MickBie.

– MickBie and Me

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