Newman fall sports facing changes

By Eric Saunders, staff writer

Last year, Newman Cheer and Dance Team combined after having been two separate teams. This year, the team is once again split up into two separate teams.

“The Jets Cheer and Dance teams shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as separate entities as they are one in purpose and spirit,” said Tess Rohleder, cheer and dance coach. “The only difference between the two squads is the type of skills that they perform and the methods I use to condition them, which is why I made the decision to conduct two practice sessions.”

Brandon Sweatman. Photographer
Jets cheer team practices its stunts at 5 a.m.

Dancer Adrienne Sigg, sophomore, believes the separation is a good thing for the squad.

“I think it’s a great choice to separate the two teams because it’ll distinguish the difference between the two,” Sigg said.

The cheer squad consists of 16 members while the dance team has eight.

Rohleder decided to not choose any team captain this year in hopes that the decision will encourage athletes to lift each other and strengthen teamwork.

“I am encouraging all of my athletes to contribute to leading their teammates in becoming better athletes, teammates, and people,” Rohleder said.

“I am super blessed to have an extremely talented group of athletes and truly feel that they all have something extremely special to share with one another and the Newman Community.”

Both squads will perform during timeouts and halftime as well as perform chants on the sidelines.

“I’m quite excited to see the reaction of the Newman Community regarding halftime performances this year,” Rohleder said. “We’re really pushing to increase the entertainment value this year, we’re talking themes, props, and collaboration with special campus groups.”

In spite of the talent on the team, Rohleder does not plan for the teams to compete this year.

“They are definitely talented enough, but will have to show me that they are willing to put the extra time and effort in before I will commit to a competition,” said Rohleder.

Tryouts for the 2013-2014 squads are scheduled for March 29 and 30.

Open Gym opportunities are open to anyone interested in joining next year’s squad to watch and/or participate.
If anyone is interested in attending Open Gym or joining next year’s squad they should chat with a current member or Rohleder about the opportunities available to them.

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