Rachel and Ray across the pond

By Monica Hill, staff writer

Seniors Rachel Stanley and Raymond Williams are the first students to ex¬perience Newman’s new study abroad program; the Semester Exchange with Newman University College in Birming¬ham, England.

Stanley and Williams have been dat¬ing a few years and decided to study abroad together in Birmingham this summer.

Courtesy Photo
Rachel and Ray in Rome enjoying Gelato before headin off to the vatican

With the help of Dr. Cheryl Golden they organized their trip in six weeks. Before heading to England, Stanley and Williams spent one week with the ASC sisters in Rome.

They begin classes Sept. 17 and will finish on Dec. 20.

Stanley and Williams are taking elec¬tive classes for their communication majors that are not offered at Newman in Wichita.

“The academic program in Birming¬ham aligns nicely with ours as NUC Bir¬mingham is a Catholic, Liberal Arts Col¬lege with courses delivered in English,” said Golden, “Our students can thus take courses there with some seamlessness in their degree program.”

Besides taking advantage of the aca¬demic opportunity, Stanley and Wil¬liams hope to do some traveling as well.

“Ever since I studied in Guatemala I’ve been dying to get out of the country again,” said Stanley, “This was the per¬fect opportunity to see Europe and ex¬pand my horizons.” Their list of travel destinations includes Edinburgh, Dub¬lin, Paris and Barcelona. “Traveling has always been one of my secret passions,” said Williams.

The Newman community can follow the adventures of Stanley and Williams on their blog site, www.rachel-raya¬crossthepond.blogspot.com.

While this program is the only se¬mester-long study abroad opportunity that Newman offers, students are able to research and develop a semester abroad experience of their own.

The two universities share the same name, but until now have not been pre¬viously connected.

The program allows students to en¬roll and address finances here in Wi¬chita. Students receive full credit for the courses they take in Birmingham.

A student’s scholarships and loans apply toward the tuition of the trip. The only additional expenses are room and board and travel costs.

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