Red-Headed Myths

By Rachel Myers. “It sets me aside”

Being a redhead I have heard all the myths and stereotypes. Today I am writing to set the record straight.

One myth is that gingers (redheads with freckles) have no souls.

If I thought someone didn’t have a soul I would not make fun of him or her. Who knows what they would do? So don’t pick on a redhead if this is correct. But I don’t think it is.

Another myth is redheads are going extinct. I believe we are not. It is a recessive gene, meaning it will keep coming back. Sorry, haters!
The popular television show, ‘South Park,’ poked fun at gingers in episode ‘Ginger Kids.’

In my immediate family I am the only redhead. I received my red hair from my grandma. So I think my grandchildren might inherit it.

Another myth is redheads are automatically teased as children. I wouldn’t know; I was a blonde as a child (And have baby pictures to prove it!). Then I gradually became a brunette and then around seventh grade the sun changed my hair into a natural redder tint. But in high school I was called all these names: Ginger, redhead, carrot top, day walker and so on… It gets old fast.

Another myth is redheads have a temper. This is so false. Some of the nicest people I know are redheads. Take for example Matt Riedl (Vantage editor). Have you ever seen him without a smile on his face?

Another myth is redheads feel more pain.

I think I actually have a high pain tolerance. But please don’t try to test out this theory.

Here are some interesting redhead facts I found.

Redheads only make up 2 to 6 percent of the world population, meaning we have the most rare hair color.

Hitler tried to ban the marriage between two redheads.
Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads and Ireland has the second highest.

I have grown to accept my red hair over time. I have never dyed it and I don’t know if I ever would. It sets me apart from the rest.

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