Dress up for class every once in a while

By Rachel Myers

Everyone goes through this routine each morning.

“What do I wear? Should I wake up five minutes before class and throw on sweat pants or do I try to look presentable and well put-together?”

I honestly believe that when I try to dress nice, I feel better throughout the day. If you think you look good then you will most likely feel good.

It really is a confidence booster. I highly encourage you to try it.

Wendy Le. Photographer
Photo illustrates student “dressing down” and not paying attention in class.

If you want others to respect you, you need to respect yourself first.

Even if you prefer the laid-back style, you should at least be well-groomed and clean.

Sometimes people ask me why I dress up a lot and I sometimes don’t know how to respond. I’m dressed up because I’m ready for the day.

I didn’t just crawl out of bed without taking a shower. I enjoy my life and I want to express myself through what I wear.

I’m not saying you have to dress in suits and high heels but just don’t wear sweat pants every single day!

And after a while people are going to question why you are always wearing sweat pants and look sloppy.

I think it’s okay to have an occasional “sweat pants, hair tied chillin’ with no makeup on” day, as Drake would say. But every day?

I feel like some people pull this look way too often here at Newman.

I know it is comfortable and all but it looks like you don’t care at all.

I think dressing nice is a good habit to form while in college because once you graduate you are in the real world.

It makes you look more professional and approachable.

And I’m sorry to say it but at most jobs you are NOT going to be allowed to wear sweat pants unless you either work at home or you don’t work at all.


  1. I definitely agree with this one. When you take time to present yourself well each morning, you feel better about the day. You feel the way you look.

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