Germ party aboard this flight

By Brandon Sweatman

Jets, let’s admit it. We are in contact with each other at almost all parts of the day.

We wake up, get dressed and head to class with about 30 other people. We are always within a foot of others.

We eat lunch in the cafeteria and grab a snack at Scooter’s, or perhaps get a drink form the vending machine. But, what happens? Someone has sneezed or coughed in their hand then touched the pencil you just borrowed or used the same tongs to get fries in the cafeteria.

Brandon Sweatman. Photographer
Regular use of hand sanitizer helps stop the spread of bacteria.

The change you receive could have E. Cloi bacteria on it.

Then you just pressed A4 on the pop machine to get a Pepsi, but just five minutes before another student with bronchitis did the same thing.

But this is life. We have been exposed to this from birth, unless you are Bubble Boy. For the most part our immune system does a great job at fighting off these malice infirmities.

But we simply cannot rely on our leucocytes to take care of unwanted hosts in our bodies.

Why don’t we help them out? Just like we see the signs during road work that say, “give `em a break.”

Let’s step on the breake and analyze our lives. We can help our white blood cells out by washing our hands every after every class and before meal times.

Every time we see some hand sanitizer, let’s give it a squirt. For everyone’s sake please cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

But what I think is most important: When you feel the sickness coming on, or you feel those phagocytes unable gobble up the germs in your body, you should see a doctor.

So Jets, lets remember to wash our hands and give our immune systems a break, for on this flight we will come into close contact with many malicious germs.

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