Library restores hours back to normal

By Mallory Hurst

The news hit me hard. How could they do this to me?

I’ve been a loyal subject of the library for three years now. They wanted to change the hours? How dare they! Do they not know who I am?

This will not do. It came as a surprise to many of us.
The comforting warmth and Scooter’s coffee while we did our studying was paradise.

Even late into the night, the library has always been there for us.

Brandon Sweatman, Photographer
The late hours allow for studying throughout most of the night for many students at Newman.

We can depend on it more than we can depend on the sunrise. That’s how much dedication I have to the library.
I spread the news like wildfire to those who had not heard.

Strange to think that within a week, the call to shorten the hours of the library had been reversed.

Success filled my spirit. Joy spread through my heart. The students made a difference.

To think that the library would close earlier was something that many of us had not anticipated.

I always thought they would keep it open later if they made a change at all. Many schools keep their libraries open throughout the entire night.

I believe that especially during finals week that the library should extend its hours.

I’m enthralled that the hours have been returned to their normal time, being open until midnight.

Reducing the hours to ten at night would not be beneficial to those that utilize the library in the hours of the evening.

Even though hundreds of students do not flock to the library, those that do greatly appreciate what it has to offer.

Though the library is relatively new, it has a place in my heart from all the memories I have made studying with the great groups of students I have met throughout the years.

They have become best friends to me and I have the library and its late hours to thank for that.

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