Scooter’s serving free coffee with SGA mugs

By Monica Hill, staff writer

Newman University’s Student Gov­ernment will begin hosting “Java Jet Mondays” in October.

SGA handed out stainless steel mugs to the first 30 students that arrived at Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting. These students will be able to take their new coffee mug to Scooter’s Coffeehouse on Oct. 1 and get a free cup of coffee.

On that day, SGA will also be handing out free mugs to the first 30 students in line, if they do not already have one.

Then on the first Monday of every month, the first 30 students that arrive at Scooter’s with the coffee mug will get a free cup of coffee. However, the stu­dents who receive a coffee mug on the first Monday will have to wait until the following month to get a free cup of cof­fee at Scooter’s.

“It’s an opportunity to serve the stu­dents and that’s what Student Govern­ment is supposed to do,” SGA President Logan Winter said. “We want to bright­en up students’ day-to-day life.”

One of Student Government’s goals for the year is to heighten the spirit of pride students have for Newman and help them build a stronger connection with the university, Winter said.

Winter, along with his two executive officers, Elyse Pachta and Brice Albert, said SGA hopes that Java Jet Mondays will do just that.

“We want students to see the mugs that say Newman University on it and think, ‘This is part of who I am,’” Winter said.

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