Student of the Week

Andrea Martires

Hometown: Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Age: 21
Major/Minor: Double major in psychology and sociology with a concentration in criminal justice and and a minor in international studies
Expected Graduation Date: May 2013
If you could have anything in the world, what would you want?
A happy healthy family; the rest is still to be decided

Andrea Martires is a foreign exchange student from Uruguay who plays golf for Newman and is involved in various clubs such as psychology club, HALO club, and multicultural club. She spent last summer busy with two political internships. She interned with Rep. Tim Huelskamp in Dodge City for four weeks and with Senator Pat Roberts for five weeks in Washington, D.C.

Q – What were the two interships like?
A – I learned a lot from both my internships, in Dodge City and in DC. The one in DC was a lot more educational and mind opening than the one in Dodge just because of the whole platform that we have there and the environment. The political arena is over there and I could certainly see all the action very closely, I learned so many things that cannot be explained… but I am extremely happy I got this opportunity and that my mom and others pushed me to do it.

Q – What did you learn from your D.C. internship?

A – I learned a lot from the city itself, the people, the normal life, the internship life, the party life, and the tourist life… and even as a “student” since I stayed at George Washington University and I got to experience a bigger campus.

Q – What internship duty did you like the most?
A – I enjoy the most the tours of the Capitol that I gave for Kansan constituents. You just learned every day something new and it never stops. There is so much to do over there.

Q – What was your day like?
A – I went to lots of hearing and meetings from finance, education, women, agriculture, military things and more. I worked from nine a.m. to 6 p.m. every day and I was exhausted by the time the weekend came because there were events going on in after work time.

Q – What was your favorite memory about interning in D.C.?
A – Being able to sneak in different places because I was staff was certainly one of the best things, because I got to see things nobody else sees!
It was incredible and I will never forget it.

Q – Any advice for underclassman?
A – Don’t take things for granted and appreciate the people around you. Newman is a great place with great people. You just have to meet the right people.

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