The need for quarter machines

By Victor Rojas

How much would it cost to install a change machine in every dorm? I mean seriously, we are supposed to pay in quarters every time we wash our clothes … but we really don’t have a good way to access quarters.

Besides, laundry pricing being too high, the only easy way to get quarters is by going to the change machine located in the library.

This can be an issue because the library isn’t open on weekends.

So what can we do then?

One thing that would work is in­serting a dollar bill in a vending ma­chine and pressing the coin return button.

But I heard from one of my soccer teammates who used to do this that we aren’t allowed to do that because the vending machines will run out of quarters.

It’s true, there will be the same amount of money in the vending ma­chine still, but when you insert two one-dollar bills and need 25 or 50 cents back, this would be a problem.

I also agree that the laundry prices should go back down.

Especially when you’re an athlete, it is just too expensive.

It is worse as an athlete because you have to wash your practice clothes often, unless you like to stink.

You can help this by washing your clothes with someone else- maybe your roommate or another friend. But needing $5.00 in quarters (because you wash your whites separately) is more of a problem in my opinion.

If there were change machines in our dorms, we wouldn’t have to wor­ry about the library closing or having to walk there at nights just to get a few quarters.

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