Residence Life considers new dorm furniture

By Rachel Myers, staff writer

Residence Life is looking into ways to improve the sense of community within the residence halls, LeaAnn Knaebel, di­rector or residence life, said.

Knaebel says the first step to achieve this goal is to install new couches and televisions in Merlini and Beata halls.

“One element to building a communi­ty is to bring people together in a com­fortable environment,” Knaebel said.

She pointed out that both halls are couchless at the moment. While there is seating, such as cushioned stools in Merlini Hall and study benches in Beata Hall, no truly comfortable chairs exist, she said.

“By improving the lobby of the hall, we can improve the social bonding be­tween the students who live there,” Knaebel said.

Similarly, Asa Toombs, resident as­sistant in Merlini Hall, said having more furniture would encourage the students to branch out and give them a place to socialize within the residence hall com­munity.

Knaebel also says the furniture pur­chase would make the residence halls feel more like a home.

“Residence halls are a community,” she said. “It is much more than a dorm with just beds and bathrooms.”

Knaebel is currently unsure of spe­cifics on the purchase, or even if the budget will allow for the expense. She is currently pricing with different furni­ture companies such as Southwest Con­tracts.

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