Did You Know?

Brought to you by the Office of Disability Services

Almost every person develops a disability – some temporary, some permanent – in his or her lifetime

• Most disabilities are invisible

• At any given moment, a quarter of the population is disabled

• Homer, ancient Greek writer of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey,” was blind

• The typewriter was created as a way for the blind to communicate using the written word

• Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone while trying to de­velop a way to convert speech to text for his deaf wife

• The football “huddle” was created by Gallaudet University quar­terback Paul Hubbard to protect the team’s game plays from the opposing deaf team

• The hand signals used by baseball umpires to signify balls, strikes, out, and safe originate from Outfielder William Hoy’s request that umpires use sign language because he was deaf and could not hear the umpires’ verbal calls

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