Gapping the bridge between race and culture

By Dominic Davidson

On television, we see people of dif­ferent cultures meeting and getting along with one another all the time in areas like politics, travelling, and even in the aftermath of war at times.

On television or in books or maga­zines they make it seem so easy at times to be able to just meet someone who comes from a completely differ­ent part of the world and yet be able to spark up a friend­ship just like that.

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
Photo illustrates the diversity of students in Newman’s freshman class.

This, however, is not always the case.

I’ve learned that not everybody even gets the chance to meet people of a completely differ­ent culture and back­ground all the time.

Some people spend their entire lives thinking about people from other parts of the world based off of what they heard, read or saw on TV.

Within a week of coming to New­man University, I have made friends with people from at least five different backgrounds and I have learned many valuable lessons since then.

I have met a German named Max who at first glance might come off as serious, but is actually very funny and open.

He is a friend that I can see myself having for a long time in my life.

I have met an Australian girl named Alex who is outgoing and hilarious.

She isn’t from America so she doesn’t know all of the jokes or food, so we have some laughs about certain things.

Newman University is the place where I feel I can get more than just a good education.

This place builds bonds and oppor­tunities and gives us things that we can carry on with us after school.

The things that I have learned here and the people that I have met have already taught me so much and I can’t wait to see just how much more I learn within these next three years.

Editor’s Note: Dominic Davidson is a from St. Louis, Mo. Davidson is a fresh­man this year majoring in Psychology.

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