University reports fall enrollment increases

By Kati Bush, staff writer

Newman officials announced on Tuesday, Oct. 6 that an increase in en­rollment for the fall semester has once again led to record numbers in enroll­ment.

Following the 20th day of fall classes, a total of 3,108 students were enrolled at NU. This is a 2.8 percent increase from 3,021 students last year. This is the fourth year in a row NU has seen record breaking enrollment numbers.

The fall 2011 semester saw a 9 per­cent increase from the 2,746 students enrolled in the fall 2010 semester, and a two-year increase of 15 percent from the 2,557 students in fall of 2009.

“There was a combination of areas of growth and areas where we declined. For example, our number of traditional students, transfer students, and advance standing high school students went up. That is all due to better retention and recruitment from the university staff,” John Clayton, dean of admissions said.

The number of both undergradu­ates and credit hours taken also showed slight gains as well.

A total of 1,396 undergraduates are enrolled for the fall 2012 semester. This is a 2% increase from 1,369 students in fall 2011. Full-time equivalency of undergraduates went up 5 percent at 1,522.07 compared to last year at 1,446.87.

However, Clayton said that the number of enrolled graduate students showed a decline that NU was not nec­essarily prepared for.

Clayton said that Newman plans to make up for that decline during the spring semester.

President Dr. Noreen Carrocci said that the average ACT score of incoming freshmen at NU this year was a 25, up two points from the last two years.

Carrocci also confirmed in a recent meeting that the number of students living on campus is at an all-time high, with 342 students.

“With the economic challenges still facing our region, we are delighted to see enrollment increase, albeit sight.” Dr. Carrocci said in a news release con­cerning the record.

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