A call for vending machines in residence halls

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
Sophomore Courtney Holbrook is forced to walk and get snacks out of the vending machine in Sacred Heart due to there being none in the dorms.

By Jayden Gregory

It’s late at night, around 11:30, and I’ve been up studying for a test and finishing a 10 page paper. My stom­ach starts to growl and I realize I’m in need of a late-night snack.

I go to my fridge and notice all I have is a bottle of water, a leftover tuna sand­wich, and a pack of Ramen noodles without the sauce.

Now what in the world did I use that for? I then start to think of how good some fruit snacks and M&M’s would be right now. I get $3 in change and prepare to go and get my much-need­ed snack.

As I walk out my door, I suddenly remember that we don’t have a snack machine in Fugate, only a soda ma­chine. I walk back to my room disap­pointed and settle for dry noodles.

I know I’m not the only student who has encountered a problem such as this. So with that said, I would like to propose that Newman put a snack machine in each of the residence halls.

As of right now, we have a soda machine in every hall and a snack ma­chine in only New Hall.

Let’s face it, we’re college students and our cabinets aren’t stocked with groceries every week, so sometimes that snack machine would come in handy. For some of us a bottle of wa­ter, chips, and candy is a quick dinner due to our busy schedules. Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of getting into a car and driving to West Street to fill our cravings.

We’re lucky if one of our friends with a car is up for driving and cater­ing to our hunger needs. Walking to QuikTrip after 10 p.m. is completely out of the question unless you want to risk being kidnapped or hit by a crazy driver.

All I’m saying is, how ‘bout them snack machines?

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