The return of the campus kitties

By Monica Hill

When I came to Newman as a fresh­man, I only knew of one cat that lived on campus.

I saw the big orange tomcat every now and them. Mostly he hung around the dining hall waiting for people to bring him scraps.

Brandon Sweatman. Photographer
Sophomore Matt Riedl feeds a cat that has made Newman its home.

During my soph­omore year, there was an explosion of excitement about the litter of kittens that were living behind the bushes in front of Merlini. Sadly, two of these kittens were hit by cars my junior year.

Now as a senior, I can hardly go a day without seeing at least one of the campus kitties. Just last week, a stu­dent knocked on my door in Fugate and asked me to pop the hood of my car so they could rescue a baby kitten that was hiding inside.

About a month ago, a student saw a starving cat and called campus securi­ty asking what they could do about it. The cat was sweet tempered so they were able to catch it and then turned it over to animal control.

Clearly, these cats have embraced the Newman campus as their home. I think Newman should embrace these furry members as part of our commu­nity.

There have been disjointed efforts to feed and help the campus cats, but these efforts would be much more effective if they were coordinated. Members of the Newman community feed the squirrels, and our campus provides a safe area for the geese to lay their eggs, so why not help out the other critters that have called our campus home?

Newman has made the cats some­thing of an icon of the university. The orange tomcat is one of the water­mark pictures in the agenda books. The campus cats are cherished enough that students make scattered attempts to help them and they have become photographed celebrities for our website and agenda books. I think the least Newman could do is make a united effort to feed our campus kit­ties.

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