A call for equality in not shaving

By Monica Hill

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
As you can see, the process of No-Shave November is well underway.

November is best known for Thanksgiving, the beginning of holi­day shopping and gnarly beards. No-Shave November is a 30-day event where guys voluntarily agree not to shave.

Now, I can’t speak for every woman but I can say that a fair number of us are bewildered as to why guys do this.

Come on gentle­men, do you think we ladies find your scruffy, untamed fa­cial hair attractive? It’s safe to say that guys would be re­pulsed if women re­fused to shave their legs for 30 days.

Men have been dedicated partici­pants in No-Shave November. Over the years, I’ve heard various reasons for participating.

Some guys say they do it for the prizes. Others say that their long beards keep their face warm. Others say it’s an easy way to get rid of their nagging girlfriend.

I’m sure ladies could come up with equally impressive reasons to partici­pate as well. I’m thinking it’s time that the ladies join in the fun and show the gentlemen what they’ve been missing out on.

This November, the ladies of New­man will have that opportunity.

CAB is hosting a No-Shave Novem­ber competition that is open to all stu­dents. The initiation ceremony is at 7 p.m. tonight in the Georges Atrium. Both men and women are allowed to compete in the no-shaving contest.

To have a men and women’s brack­et, two or more of each gender must compete. Competitors will only com­pete against their own gender.

There is only one rule: no shav­ing allowed. CAB will take pictures to show the competitors’ hair growing progress.

At the end of the month, the stu­dent body will vote to choose the win­ners at the finale party during lunch on Nov. 30. The winners will receive gift cards and participants will also re­ceive a prize.

So ladies, whether you want to compete for cool prizes, be lazy shav­ers for a month or add that extra layer of warmth to your legs, it’s time you know that No-Shave November is fair game for you too.

Gentlemen, you have been warned.

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