MickBie and Me: The media

By Jes Bouchard

There is so much going on in the world right now.

Elections, hur­ricanes, Benghazi – the list goes on! Media is printing what they want – some provide infor­mation that’s more to the left, others provide information that’s more to the right.

We tend to find the one that pleases us the most and stick with it faithfully. We then post links on our Facebook or Twitter. We argue with our friends’ comments if they differ from ours.

There are a million wars going on in the world, but instead we are focused on the opinionated bias on our com­puters and our phones.

I have friends that lean to the right; I have friends that lean to the left. I watch as some of my friends make ridiculous comments about the elec­tions that upset other friends. All around me, people are at each others’ throats with their opinions.

I see friends who get upset with other friends, permanently divided because of a difference of opinion. And yet, in all that chaos, there’s MickBie.

MickBie, who doesn’t care who you’re voting for, as long as you give her a good scratch along the way.

MickBie, who sees somebody upset and goes up to them, laying her head on their leg as if to say, “It’ll be ok.”

MickBie, who despite any of her own health problems, will protect and defend me from any of mine.

MickBie, who doesn’t judge you for the life you choose to lead, and will happily play with a stick – and you.

MickBie, who complacently lays next to me no matter how many hours it takes to write whichever paper I’m writing.

MickBie, who eagerly runs to Dr. Fort and Tolli, knowing they will be thrilled to see her.

MickBie, who has the brains to know somebody doesn’t like her, yet loves them anyway and tries to change their mind.

MickBie, who is just … Well… Mick­Bie.

None of the bad stuff matters to her. She doesn’t hold a grudge. She’s always ready to do whatever needs to be done.

Forget Obama. Forget Romney. I got all the proof I need: MickBie, 2012!

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