What are you going to college for?

By Nicole Rau, guest writer

I feel like the reason for going to college has shifted.

During my senior year of high school, my classmates and I had come down with a serious case of seniori­tis. Shocking, right?

Anyway, I heard everyone talking about how excited they were to move out and get away from their parents. Myself included.

Yet from others, all I heard about was going out and partying whenever they felt like it. Really?

You’re going to waste your tuition money by partying?

I don’t have a problem with go­ing to a club and having a drink with friends. None whatsoever. You can’t just focus on school the whole time, right? Right.

But going out every night and not coming back til the wee hours of the morning and waking up your room­mate at 2:30 in the morning might just constitute as excessive.

I attend German class everyday at WSU. I am only one of three students under the age of 23. I always grew up thinking people graduated by the time they were 21 or 22.

After getting to know most of the people in my class I learned two rea­sons for going to school longer: the first was a changed major. Totally un­derstandable.

The second? “Oh I partied too much my freshman and sophomore years.”

Really? It seems to me that people are going to college for the experi­ence of independence, partying, and having almost no consequences for their actions. Almost.

Most of my WSU friends say that they regret the partying because now they’re stuck going to college for lon­ger.

College is meant for higher educa­tion and career training. Not getting drunk and sleeping with anything that moves.

Do the people who came for an education a favor please. Think about what you’re doing, be responsible and grow up please.

It’s your future on the line, not ours.

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