Blackboard puts out mobile edition

By Kati Bush, staff writer

A few changes have been made to make Blackboard more user-friendly for Newman students with smartphones.

There is now a mobile app available to students in both the Apple Store and Android Market called Blackboard Mo­bile Learn.

Blackboard is an online tool some teachers use to communicate with stu­dents outside of class. Teachers post homework, PowerPoints, class lecture recordings, or other documents for stu­dent use. Some teachers may even post discussion boards and require students to share opinions on certain topics.

The initial download of the app is free; however, students must purchase either a one-year pass for $1.99 or an unlimited pass for $5.99 in order to use the app. Students can view grades, as­signments, announcements, and utilize other Blackboard features on the app.

One other addition to Blackboard was added. Students can now sign up to receive text or voice message notifi­cations from Blackboard. Examples of these may include notifications when a teacher posts a new grade or assign­ment.

These can be customized by class and do not require purchase of the mobile Blackboard app.

To opt in to these notifications, login to Blackboard and select mobile phone preferences under the ‘Tools’ menu.

(Quote from Mark Graber hope­fully coming tomorrow)

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