Card shark Sisters game to play

By Brianna Hoover, guest writer

Senior project focuses on interaction with ASCs

Kayla May, a senior here at Newman, has started a new project this semester for her ASC Community Leader class.

The program, which does not yet have a name, takes place at the Caritas Center at the Adorers’ convent across from campus.

Volunteers help the sisters with differ­ent activities that May comes up with. She has set up two events thus far – fleece tie blanket-making and a “card game afternoon.”

The Sisters that usually participate are generally the ones that live in the Caritas Center, but other Sisters are welcome to participate as well, as long as they’re will­ing and their health permits it.

One Sister in particular, Sr. Laurentia Kohler, helps with the activities that May sets up.

Students can sign up to do activities in the program with the Sisters and earn service hours along the way. May says she e-mails volunteers the Monday prior to an activity and it’s first come, first served by RSVP.

May said her project is intended to ben­efit the Sisters.

“My goal was to bring in students on a regular basis, especially on weekends, when there are few regularly scheduled activities throughout the day,” May said.

She generally takes a few volunteers, but not so many that it would disrupt the Sisters with the loudness of having too many stu­dents in the building. As of now, activities are scheduled for every other Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m., but in the future May said she would like to have activities scheduled every Saturday with the Sisters.

Sr. Marsha Wilson had May as a fresh­man and sophomore in her ASC Community Leader class. She said she wishes May the best of luck with her project.

“I’m eager to know the response she gets and what the students’ responses are to the program,” she said.

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