A bit watered down

By Monica Hill, staff writer

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
A broken water line caused flooding in Mabee Dining Hall last week.

The cafeteria is back to normal this week after a ruptured water line flood­ed Mabee Dining Hall on Nov. 4.

The line, connected to the soda ma­chine, broke and flooded half of the main cafeteria and the entire western dining area with one to two inches of water, said Lou Murdick, director of food services at Newman University.

Reddy Restoration was called in to address the issue. Members of Campus Security, maintenance, groundskeeping and housekeeping also helped vacuum up the water. Pepsi was called in to re­pair the line and check for any other po­tential problems.

Murdick said this is the first time he has seen something like this in his 15 years at Newman.

It took several hours to vacuum up all the water, he said. Reddy Restoration set up fans and dehumidifiers in the caf­eteria to prevent the possibility of mold. The drying process lasted a whole week.

“It caused no apparent damage,” Murdick said. “Just a lot of inconven­ience.”

The cafeteria was not forced to close but it did have to limit its seating area.

“The cafeteria was very crowded,” freshman Emilie Leivian said. “There wasn’t much space to move.”

The cramped space didn’t seem to deter students from going to the cafete­ria, though.

“Lunch was definitely the most crowded,” freshman Emma Mattingly said. “There was enough seating; it was just very close together.”

Leivian and Mattingly both said they are glad to have the full cafeteria reo­pened this week.

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