Men’s basketball starts strong

By Rubi Torres, staff writer

Jayden Gregory. Photo Editor
Senior Bobby Wesley dribbles down the court against Tabor during the game where the Jets won 97-60.

The men’s basketball team had its season opener against Tabor College on Tuesday, preceded by a short ceremony honoring United States veterans.

The house was packed with a sea of navy blue and red as fans cheered on the Jets to defeat the Blue Jays 97-60.

A couple of fouls for Newman came early in the game from senior Bobby Wesley and junior Marquis Cuyler, but that didn’t stop the Jets from at­tacking on offense.

Senior Darrell Tray­lor helped the Jets add points to the board after being fouled and making both free throws.

After receiving a pass from junior Frankie Drayton, junior Josh Pleasant added two more points for the Jets.

“I feel like we did a good job overall,” sophomore Ryan McCarthy said. “We came out and didn’t let the defense dic­tate how we play.”

Blocks from juniors Pleasant and Ryan Mesh helped the Jets get back on offense, and by the 7-minute mark, the Jets led 20-11.

Three-pointers from McCarthy and junior Trae Beck helped lead the Jets at halftime with a score of 35-25.

“Coming into the game our focus was to play our team’s style of aggres­sive basketball,” McCarthy said. “We wanted to push the ball and put a lot of pressure on the defense, while harassing them on the defensive end.”

In the sec­ond half, the Jets stayed focused, dominating on both offense and de­fense.

Wesley hit a three-pointer and Tray­lor hit a two that helped keep the Jets in the lead.

Two technical fouls for the Blue Jays led to four free throws for the Jets. Mc­Carthy stepped up to the line and made all four shots.

Junior Richard Waldron assisted se­nior Shamar Acuay in the 15th minute to add two more points for the Jets, and shortly after that Acuay made both free throws after being fouled at minute 12:52.

With less than ten minutes of play time left, Traylor assisted Cuyler, who dunked the ball for the Jets.

In the 8th minute, Beck made both a three-pointer and one of his two re­warded free throws.

“We played great and together,” Tray­lor said. “There are a few areas that we can get better on, but we will keep working and get better from here.”

Junior Mike Falvo picked up two back-to-back three-pointers with less than two minutes of play time, and sophomore Trent Garman also had two three-pointers and an assist to fresh­man Easton Julian.

“The atmosphere was great,” Tray­lor said. “We always appreciate people coming out and supporting us.”

The Newman Jets will be back in ac­tion at 7 p.m. Nov. 14, when they will face Manhattan Christian at Fugate Gym.

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