MickBie and Me: An early Christmas gift

By Jes Bouchard

I’m going to give you readers of MickBie & Me an early Christmas present. These are things Mick and I learned the hard way in the 5 ½ years that I’ve had her.

If you’re ever in the hospital, be extra nice to your nurses. These are the ones that can get you water in the middle of the night, as well as extra jello or pudding.

Sometimes the people you have the least in common with will become your biggest allies, so never fully close the door on them.

Try different foods. There are things in life with more flavor than a grilled cheese sandwich. Healthier isn’t al­ways more expensive, as many people think.

You’re never too old to need a par­ent. If you don’t have one, you can always find one in a teacher, church member, or even an older student.

Always put the ball in the other per­son’s court. There is amazing relief in knowing you did all you could. Plus, you’re providing them the opportunity to send the ball back to you.

Sometimes, we need healthy bound­aries from people who have hurt us. It’s possible to continue communica­tion while still protecting yourself.

YOU are worth protecting – no mat­ter what others say.

There will always be that ONE pro­fessor you can’t stand – every semes­ter. Don’t let your opinion of them im­pact your performance in the class. All you would be doing is providing them the opportunity to think you are less than you really are.

If you genuinely think you deserve a better grade than you got in a class, fight for yourself and your grade. Don’t mope – try to fix it!

There will always be somebody who tries to be a turd in your punchbowl or pee in your Wheaties. You don’t have to ingest it – throw it out and start again.

Blessings come at the oddest mo­ments. If somebody is providing you the chance to get out of a bad situation, pray about it, and then take it.

When you think life can’t get any harder, it will. However, that means you are getting the chance to grow and learn. Learning will help those bumps we have along the way be easier the next time around.

There will always be people you know who become people you knew. Try to make this happen as rarely as possible.

Just because a guy (or girl) asks you out, it doesn’t mean you should say yes.

If you are putting more effort into a relationship than the amount of joy you are getting out of it, get a new re­lationship.

Loneliness happens. Don’t be afraid to call a friend and say, “Um, wanna hang?” Even if you have to call 20 peo­ple, it’s better than doing something drastic that you will regret.

Just because “everybody” is going out doesn’t mean you need to. Eventu­ally, you will reach a point where the club isn’t your “thing.”

Everybody around you has some­thing they want to do or be – even if they don’t say it out loud. So, don’t be the person who pees in their Wheat­ies. Keep your thoughts about that to yourself.

Be generous, even if you have little. The giving always leads to more re­ceiving – emotionally, spiritually, men­tally, etc.

If you think life is going to slow down – it’s not. Do what you can now – as often as you can. Life will just get crazier.

MickBie says, “Never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs.”

Wiser words have never been spo­ken.

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